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San Diego Chargers:Even though the Chargers, despite suffering some brutal injuries this season, have been able to remain in every game, it’s still hard to see the team retaining coach Mike McCoy after back-to-back losing seasons, including Saturday’s loss to the winless Browns. Discount NFL Jerseys China.The team has a cloudy future with the messy issue of relocation lingering, but working with QB Philip Rivers will be attractive to anyone.Best fit: Dave Toub, special teams coordinator, Chiefs.The Chargers have already gone the offensive coordinator route with Norv Turner and Mike McCoy, and that hasn’t worked. Going with a defensive coordinator like Sean McDermott or Jim Schwartz runs the risk of negatively affecting Rivers. And would OCs Frank Reich or Ken Whisenhunt be all that different from McCoy? It’s time to go in a different direction and take the league’s best special teams coach.NFL Jerseys China. Maybe he likes the schemes on both sides of the ball and keeps the status quo, but Toub knows how to manage different personalities. No NFL coach has to deal with as many changes on the fly as a special teams coach.

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