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NFL Jerseys Cheap.Meanwhile, in what might have been the final game at the Georgia Dome, Carroll did little to make life easier for his Seahawks. Seattle’s often-dominant pass defense was compromised by injuries and facing a tough matchup against MVP candidate Matt Ryan and Atlanta’s league-best offense. Russell Wilson & Co. got off to a great start, driving 89 yards on the opening possession to score a touchdown while taking eight and a half minutes off the clock, but it ultimately was Seattle’s only touchdown drive for the first 56 minutes of the game.NFL Jerseys China.Carroll couldn’t have known what would happen, of course, but many of his decisions were too conservative in a vacuum. Kicking a field goal on fourth-and-6 from the Atlanta 15-yard line was reasonable enough, but it was disappointing to see Carroll decide to punt on fourth-and-1 from his own 39-yard line late in the second quarter. Outside of some rare situations, fourth-and-1 should be an opportunity for underdogs to hold onto the football, especially with a mobile quarterback like Wilson.Cheap Football Jerseys.


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