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Cheap Football Jerseys Sale.While Mike Tomlin’s Steelers are only a slight underdog in the night game in Kansas City and are frequently aggressive anyway, McCarthy is the one who needs to keep this in mind as he approaches his team’s tilt with the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon. He has made conservative mistakes as the underdog in years past.Two years ago in the NFC Championship Game, he kicked consecutive first-quarter field goals on fourth-and-1 from the Seattle 1-yard line with league MVP Aaron Rodgers under center.Cheap Jerseys China. Then, having shown sufficiently little faith in his running game, McCarthy relied heavily on it to try to hold the lead in the second half, sticking to the fallacious idea that his team would be in good shape if it ran the ball 20 times in the second half. Racking up carries to win is simply not a real thing. To steal an idea from Bleacher Report writer Mike Tanier, the Packers might as well just have started running plays out of victory formation in the second half, given how closely correlated that is with winning. The Packers were still unlucky to lose, but they left the door just ajar for the Seahawks when they should have closed it.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.


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