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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Stadium negotiations in the NFL occur between the league/owners and city/county/state politicians. Not included as party to those negotiations are the fans. Sure, all sides profess to be concerned with fans and appreciate their support (thanking the fans is Public Relations 101) but these negotiations are all about “the deal”—which side pays for what and when—more than anything else. Remember how much coaches complain about the offseason restrictions of the CBA? Well, those negotiations were between the owners and players; coaches weren’t consulted. Similarly, fans are not party to stadium negotiations; their best interests are far down on the list of deal priorities.The Chargers decision on venue over the next two years—a soccer stadium with fewer than 30,000 seats—tells us what we need to know about the importance of ticket sales in the revenue chain. Authentic Football Jerseys.This is not your father’s NFL: ticket revenue is nice but not what it used to be in the landscape of team revenues. The Chargers and Rams’ move to L.A. gives them access to numerous more “premium product buyers,” as the NFL calls them, than either team had in St. Louis and San Diego; they’ll also eventually add hundreds of millions to their bottom line from ancillary revenue opportunities. Suites will sell out; franchise values will soar. As for empty seats, that certainly won’t look good, but in the owners’ and league’s eyes, that is a risk worth taking.Cheap Jerseys China.


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