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Wholesale Jerseys.“I’d just say my past history. Starting back in high school, the way I was raised, coming from the projects and being able to get out of that. Being the face of college football for two years, handling the success, handling all the criticism and the adversity. And then being 48-8 in high school and winning a state championship and then going to the collegiate level and being 33-3. So one thing that translates from college to the NFL is winners and I think, being a quarterback, that’s the biggest thing being recognized, winning games. That’s all I’ve been doing.””You watch a college game and you watch an NFL game, an NFL game is a lot more clean without people falling on the ground.Authentic Football Jerseys. Every level, you’ve got to be smarter. (preparing mentally) I’m a pretty smart guy. I just keep studying, keep learning, keep an open mind. I never let any information pass. I never shrug anything off. I listen and try to investigate and learn as much as I can about O-line play, offense and defense. You’ve got to know everything.”It’s been quite a journey. He credits the Freeman family for starting the shift in his life by taking him in after his father kicked him out because of his bad behavior. In his new home he began his rehabilitation, which led to him skipping an immediate jump to college football coming out of high school and going on an LDS mission in Colorado Springs.Cheap Jerseys China.

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